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We offer monthly packages of 1-hour lessons for adults and 30-min lessons for kids. Lessons are taken on a weekly basis. 98% of our students take 1-hour lessons once a week. Occasionally, a student would ask for a-la-carte lessons or more regularly - 3 times a month or every other week, however, typically this is temporarily due to a busy work schedule. Non-weekly lessons are offered at a higher rate on a single-lesson bases (not part of a monthly package), or a monthly package taken every other week. These are typically scheduled late at night or earlier in the day (early pm). Scheduling priority, esp. at prime times (afternoon hours and evenings), is given to those doing weekly lessons vs. those doing lessons every other week as it is hard for us to find someone who would want to take lessons exactly at that same time slot on the weeks in between. 


1-hr lessons are best-suited for adults and older teenagers. 45-min lessons work well for older kids and young teenagers. The 30-min lessons are typically for the 6-8 year olds. We recommend starting lessons at the age of 6 or later. 

For kids and young students, parents would usually wait outside or drop off their child and/or run errands meanwhile. We love to see and chat with parents every now and then to discuss the progress and gauge how lessons are going.

We offer one complementary trial lesson in our studio (please serious intent only - you'll hardly be able to learn piano in just one lesson ;) Your trial will give you an idea of what your lessons would be like. There will be no obligation or pressure to continue, and we won't try to talk you into it :) Just shoot us a text us later if you enjoyed your lesson and would like to do another one or try another month or two :)  

Things we focus on: build a solid foundation by learning note-reading, theory/ear training, technic, and at the same time, you'll be able to enjoy playing your favorite songs! Most teachers with formal music education teach just classical music. On the other hand, 'fun teachers' who normally teach pop/rock/TV tunes have very limited formal education and often no degrees or experience. We combine the best of both worlds: as alumni from the finest music schools in Europe and the U.S., we teach both, classical repertoire as well as pop/rock/film scores. As performing artists, we do play and record music of all genres! A lot of our students compose their own songs, and some of them play and sing along! Many record Instagram or YouTube videos. You can also choose between a male and a female teacher as your main instructor.

As a husband-and-wife pianists, we teach in two different rooms/studios at the same time. Siblings/family members can be offered the opportunity to take lessons simultaneously (vs. taking lessons back to back).  

What's the difference between us and the instructors at the local music schools? As you all know, working for someone else is not the same as working for yourself! We used to work for local music schools, and sadly, what we observed behind-the-scenes was lack of long-term enthusiasm and motivation in our fellow instructors, not to mention the lower hourly rates those teachers were paid (a portion of what the student actually pays). On the other hand, private instructors, who offer lower than average rates are usually less-qualified musicians, undergrad/grad students  After witnessing the poor results of such schools (encountering extreme cases like students who are not being able to read notes or play a song fluently after a few years of lessons!), we decided to start teaching privately and offer quality music education. We are putting in a lot of effort into making a name in the community by helping adults and kids achieve their full potential.

Click on the Video tab to see our students perform.

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