Thank you for your interest! We are excited that you'd like to learn piano with us! We are pretty booked at the moment but do have some spots available so we'd like to hear from you! Just shoot us an email or text us to get your complementary introductory lesson. 


We are located in Brentwood (West LA) on Barrington Ave and Wilshire Blvd. The majority of our students come to our studio. Some take online live-video lessons. There are a few who prefer the convenience of their homes. In-home piano instruction is available at a higher rate in Westwood, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West L.A. and Pacific Palisades (limited availability). Currently our studio's adult-to-children student ratio is approx. 80/20%. We teach mostly adults, however, things shift over time. Out of all students, 40/50/10% are beginners-intermediate-to-advanced.


Prior to starting our own family, we toured Europe, Asia and the U.S. for 10+yrs in over 20 countries on 3 continents. We have performed over 200 piano recitals and been featured as guest-soloists of many orchestras in Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Monaco, the U.S., China, Japan, Korea and many others. Nowadays, we are entirely focused on teaching and are occasionally performing and recording. We are proud parents of a 6yr-old daughter and a small doggie named Sunnie :)


We offer monthly packages of 1-hour, 45min- and 30-min lessons taken on a weekly basis. 98% of our students take 1-hour lessons once a week. Occasionally, a student would ask for a la carte lessons (3 times a month or every other week), however, that is usually temporarily due to busy work schedules. A la carte/non-weekly lessons are offered at a higher rate (not part of a monthly package), and these are typically scheduled late at night or earlier in the day (mid-day or early pm). Scheduling priority, esp at prime times (afternoon hours and evenings), is given to those doing weekly lessons vs. those doing lessons every other week as it is hard for us to find someone who wants lessons exactly at that same time on the weeks in between. 


1-hr lessons are best-suited for adults and older teenagers. 45-min lessons work well for older kids and young teenagers. The 30-min lessons are typically for the 6-8 year olds. We recommend starting lessons at the age of 6 or later. 

For kids and young students, it is advisable that a parent is present at the beginning/end of the first lesson. After that, parents usually wait outside or drop off their child and run errands meanwhile. We love to see and chat with parents every now and then to discuss progress and gauge how lessons are going. Our most successful young-age students are ones whose parents work closely with us.

We offer one complementary trial lesson in our studio (please serious intent only - you'll hardly be able to learn piano in just one lesson ;) Your trial will help you get familiar with our methods of teaching and give you a better idea of what your lessons would be like. There will be no obligation, no pressure to continue, and we won't try to talk you into it :) Just shoot us an email or text us if you enjoyed your lesson and we'll go from there :)  

With us, you will build a solid foundation by learning note-reading, theory/ear training, technic, and at the same time, you'll enjoy playing your favorite songs! Most teachers with formal music education teach only classical music. On the other hand, 'fun teachers' who normally teach pop/rock/TV tunes have very limited formal education and often no degrees. We combine the best of both worlds: as alumni from the finest music schools in Europe and the U.S., we teach both, classical repertoire as well as pop/rock/film scores. As performing artists, we do play and record music of all genres all the time! A lot of our students compose their own songs, and some of them play and sing at the same time! Many love playing duets with their siblings and family members.

And what's best of it all?! Being part of our studio, you get two piano teachers for the price of one! :) You will have one main instructor but sometimes we switch teaching, which not only keeps our students on their toes (esp. young kids) but also gives different points of view, feedback and angles to make for a well-rounded experience that's fun and enlightening. And of course, you get to choose between male and female teacher as your main instructor.

As a husband-and-wife instructors, we teach in two different rooms/studios at the same time. Siblings/family members are offered the opportunity to take lessons simultaneously (vs. taking lessons back to back). In addition to saving time, you can save money with our family discount for siblings - 10% off. We could also offer additional discounts to those interested in taking more than one lesson per week. If you are on limited means and stretching the dollar let us know - based on availability and demand at the moment, we may be able to slightly reduce the rate for you.

What's the difference between us (as private piano teachers) and the instructors at the local music schools? As you all know, working for someone else is not the same as working for yourself! We used to work for local music schools, and sadly, what we observed behind-the-scenes was lack of long-term enthusiasm and motivation in our fellow instructors, not to mention the lower hourly rates those teachers were paid (a chunk of what students actually pay). On the other hand, private instructors, who offer lower than average rates (such as on Craigslist) are usually less-qualified musicians, undergrad students and teachers with declining number of students due to the lack of quality education in their classes. After witnessing the poor results of such schools (encountering extreme cases like students who are not being able to read notes or play a song fluently after a few years of lessons!), we decided to start teaching privately and offer quality music education. Striving to instill and foster a lifelong love of music in our students, we are putting a lot of effort into making a reputable name in the local community by helping adults and kids achieve their full potential.

In addition, students in our studio are encouraged to perform at two recitals a year (usually a local church/theater). Performance at recitals is optional but encouraged. Besides performing in front of an audience, students are asked to introduce themselves and say a few words about their songs. This is specially beneficial to kids. They not only get to perform on stage but also learn how to speak and connect with a live audience.

Click on the Video tab to meet our students and watch them perform :)