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COMPLEMENTARY trial lesson at our studio in Brentwood, no obligation :)
Flat monthly package based on 4 classes per month. Most months would have 4 lessons, while some would have 5 (ex: 5 Mondays): you get the 5th one as a bonus! Due by the 1st of each month for the month ahead.
1-hour $395/month - most popular class, one-on-one (adults and high-schoolers).
30min $325/month - one-on-one (typically young kids).
 Lessons twice a week may be offered at a 10% discount. 45min-lessons are rarely requested and typically too short to cover the material (unless it's for a child/older kid) but can be offered upon request - $360/month.
Classes a-la-carte: every other week, 3 times per month, summer months are charged monthly, per class (usually available early pm or late nights). Due by the 1st of each month for the month ahead.
1 hour - $100  |  30min (young kids) -  $75 
Adult non-weekly lessons less than 1-hr are too short to cover the material but can be offered at  $90 for 45min upon request.
Home-schoolers with Enrichment Certificates through Inspire Charter and Golden Valley Charter, please add Service Vendor fee of $20 per month and $40 one-time Registration Fee. 


In-studio live accompaniment or live-recording $300, plus $150/additional hours.  Any additional time will be prorated;  Local performance or a recording session  $500-$1k

Based on availability. Typically $150/hr. Studio 1-hr rate (minimum), plus $50 travel fee per lesson depending on distance and time of the day. Brentwood and vicinity, up to a few miles from our Brentwood studio. Distances between 2 and 6 miles from our studio will be discussed additionally and could have around $75 travel fee. Pacific Palisades, Bel Air, Brentwood Hills, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Mar Vista, parts of Santa Monica, parts of Culver City, parts of Westwood, Century City. 
Minimum rate for in-home lessons will be 1hr regardless of lesson length. Daytime and late nights are easier to arrange.
 Any additional siblings/family members will be charged per student, and not based on time per hour. For example: two individual 30min classes for two students will be charged $325 + $325 (two half-hr classes), and not the 1-hr per person rate of $395. Discount may be offered for siblings and families. Travel fee for in-home lessons will be in addition (see above).

Individual one-on-one piano lessons over Zoom or FaceTime. Alternatively we can use WhatsApp, Viber. Skype.
The rates for the online lessons are the same as our regular in-studio lessons above.
For details, please click ONLINE LESSONS above. It is important that you read that section before you contact us with video lesson trial requests. 


~Please read this entire section. By signing up for lessons with us, you agree to our rules and policy. If you have any questions or would like to consider a personalized approach (as an exception), let us know before you start lessons with us~

Lessons are given on a month-to-month basis. There is no contract. You can start and stop at any time with a month's advance notice. It is ok to start in the middle of a month and that first month will be prorated. Most of our students take 1-hour lessons once a week. Lessons at a different frequency need to be discussed additionally with a month's notice. Non-weekly lessons will be charged at the a la carte rate.


Tuition is due by the 1st of each month for the month ahead. Usually students bring cash or Venmo us the tuition on their last lesson of the month (for the month ahead). We accept checks too. Many use the Venmo app (with a credit/debit card linked to Venmo, a company of PayPal) or schedule reoccurring automatic bank payments a few days prior to the 1st of each month. As a friendly reminder, we usually send a quick email, text or a Venmo-request during the last week of each month. After the 1st of each month, the tuition is considered 'late' and a late fee of $10 will be added to every 3 days past the due date. We greatly appreciate your timely payments as we would like to focus on teaching, and not on chasing payments :)


The tuition is the same every month. It is based on the number of lessons on a given month. Some months have 4 lessons, anothers have 5. You are booking a specific time with us and this slot is reserved only for you, exclusively. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required, otherwise that lesson will be forfeited and not refunded or credited back you. If a lesson is cancelled more than 24-hr in advance, incl. planned short vacations or absences, that lesson could be done at a different day/time within that month. As an exception, if a makeup lesson cannot be taken within the given month, we could make arrangements to makeup that lesson on any given month throughout the year in between regularly scheduled lessons. A missed lesson's payment does not carry over to the next month. Some students prefer to double up their time to makeup for a missed lesson, others prefer to do twice on some of the weeks - usually prior to or right after vacations (such as Xmas, Thanksgiving, etc). Alternatively, you could add a half of your lesson length to a couple of your following lessons. For example, if you missed one 1-hour class, add 30min to your next two classes (or later) and these two classes will be 1.5hrs each to make up for the missed 1hr class . Other than weekdays, another option for make up classes are Sunday afternoons and evenings (only if absolutely necessary as there are very limited spots on Sundays). If a regular lesson and a makeup lesson fall back to back with only one or two days in between, we will be working on different material (songs/theory) and practicing between these two lessons won't be necessary or expected.  If longer vacations are planned during the summer months (July or August), different arrangements can be made upon request and those months will be prorated or charged a-la-carte. 

Bottom line, if one or two lessons have to be cancelled in a given month (such as Xmas, Thanksgiving, summer months, etc), that missed lesson(s) will be done at a different day/time within that month (or any month upon request). Tuition remains the same every month. 

IMPORTANT: We must receive the tuition first before we start lessons each month, to ensure that both of us are committed to make the lessons happen. Lessons will not begin until the fee has been processed online or paid in person. If you wish to switch from weekly to non-weekly lessons on a regular basis, you will be charged the a la carte rate and the time slot you had for your weekly lessons will most probably have to change. We usually teach non-weekly lessons around mid-day, early pm or late evenings. This is due to the fact that it is very hard for us to find a student who would want lessons at the exact same time slot on the weeks in between your lessons, therefore we have to teach those lessons at our low-demand time slots. 

And a few more rules:

  1. It is important that we start at the scheduled lesson hour. No early arrivals please. Late arrivals: we will wait up to 15 min past the scheduled lesson time.

  2. If you do not show up at a scheduled lesson hour, or show up beyond the 15-min mark, that lesson is forfeit and will not be credited back to you.

  3. We will only teach during the scheduled hour and will charge a full lesson hour for that time slot, regardless of when you arrive during that hour. For example, if we schedule a one-hour lesson at 4:00pm, and you show up at 4:30pm, we will only teach until 5:00pm and still charge a full lesson hour. On the flip side, if on our side we get carried away with teaching you and go overtime by a few minutes (in case no one is scheduled right after you), you won't be charged for those extra minutes. If we start a few minutes late on our end, we will add that time at the end of your lesson so you can get your full lesson time.

  4. If during a lesson, you wish to extend your lesson time past the originally planned time (for example, add another 30min or 1hr to your originally planned lesson time and no one is scheduled right after you), we could do so and will prorate the 2nd hour at your usual rate.

  5. There are no refunds and payments cannot carry over into the next month's tuition.

  6. We reserve the right to take a few weeks off during one of the summer months (usually July or August), and/or the last week of December. Unless both of us are travelling together, one of us may continue to teach while the other one is away, then we switch; Every summer is slightly different.

One-time complementary trial lesson 

We are offering one-time 1-hour complementary trial lesson for new students!  If you do not show up at your trial appointment time, you will be asked to pay the respective lesson fee based on length requested. We book this time exclusively for you, free of charge, and by not showing up you prevent someone from booking a lesson with us :) 

If after the trial lesson, you don't feel that these lessons are for you, then no other tuition fee is owed and no hard feelings! You do not need to make a decision on the spot during the trial lesson. If you do want to continue, just email or text us over the next few days, and then we will continue with our lessons and monthly payments.

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